Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise and expressly agreed to by both Parties in writing all concepts regarding such information developed by the Customer (electronic, typewritten or printed) shall remain copyrighted by the Customer.  All concepts including work product regarding such information developed for the Customer (electronic, typewritten or printed) by J&J shall remain copyrighted by J&J and licensed to the Customer on a non-exclusive basis.


“COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL” means material which the rights to said material is exclusively owned by the legally controlling party. Such material may not be placed on the Service without the written permission of the material owner or person(s) they specifically authorize.  Unless otherwise and expressly agreed to by Customer and J&J only the owner or such authorized person may submit copyrighted material to J&J.  Unless otherwise stated, the Customer understands that proprietary applications and services developed by J&J and offered as services to the Customer which are NOT considered “portable” and shall remain property of J&J or their respective owner. The Customer shall relieve J&J of any and all legal litigation that should arise from dispute in the development of, usage of, or display of Customer presentation information or information contained within the system for the purpose and benefit or on behalf of the Customer. J&J will not use or place copyrighted material other than such copyrighted material explicitly authorized for use by the Customer in the Customers presentation information or information contained within the system for the Customer. Customer shall not be liable for J&J breach of the foregoing.


Termination of Internet Use Privileges for Infringement and Contact Information for Suspected Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement.


As described below, J&J will terminate the privileges of any Customer who uses his or her internet access to unlawfully download or transmit Copyrighted Material without a license, or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of any party, without a valid defense or fair use privilege to do so.  After proper notification by the copyright holder or intellectual property owner or its agent to J&J, or confirmation through a court order or an admission by the Customer regarding unlawful infringement, J&J will terminate the infringing IP Address.  J&J may also in its sole discretion decide to suspend and/or terminate an IP Address prior to that time if it has good faith belief that infringement has in fact occurred.


If you believe that your copyright or intellectual property rights have been infringed through the use of a J&J user or IP Address, please contact our Designated Agent for notice of claims as follows:


By Mail:  J&J Telecommunications, Inc. 7909 Harborside Drive, Galveston, Texas 77554, Attn: Legal Department


By Phone: 888-835-3260


By Email: