Do you need to remove communication barriers between departments, employees and remote offices?   

  • Easy to expand 
  • Control Cost
  • User Friendly
  • Cloud Phone System

Work From Anywhere


Streamline your business operations for: 

  • Work from home employees  
  • Outside sales teams 
  • Traveling business executives 
  • Service and repair techs in the field  

Business Continuity


2017 Hurricane Harvey makes national news when it made landfall in Galveston Texas and caused devastating flooding in Houston, Texas.

Throughout this devastating event not a single VoiceGT customer lost phone service.

Robust Features


Business leaders want their customer contact experience to be simple.   

 Customers want:

  • One number for contacting your employees at the office or in the field 
  • No more leaving voicemail on a desk phone and then calling a cell number 
  • Employees no longer Juggling multiple voicemail boxes